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Children - Resolving Disagreements

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Most parents disagree with one another from time to time about how children should be brought up, and about arrangements made for them.

Sometimes we become less flexible and understanding of one another and different styles of parenting when we separate or divorce.

It is widely accepted that agreements reached between parents are often far better for families who are separated than arrangements imposed upon parents and children by a Court.

Mediation is therefore often felt to be the most appropriate way of trying to resolve disagreements about children. Mediation is more flexible than the Court process, and will allow you to discuss issues relating to your children which Court proceedings often don’t give you the opportunity to do. Even where Court proceedings have been issued, the Court has an ongoing obligation to consider mediation in order for the issues to be resolved at every stage of the Court process.

You can agree the little things, as well as the big things.

Here at Winston Solicitors we are able to assist with family mediation involving children as well as with financial matters.

It does however take both of you as parents to agree to mediate and a willingness on both parts to be committed to the mediation process and to come to an agreement.

There are some circumstances when mediation is just not appropriate and there are no options but to try and resolve disagreements by way of negotiation through solicitors, or by way of an application to the Court.