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More complex divorce cases

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How we can help

If you want to start divorce proceedings or dissolve your civil partnership now, and your husband/wife/partner is unhappy about being divorced, or for the civil partnership to be dissolved we will need to discuss  issues with you. 

It may be that your husband/wife/partner won't return a form to the Court, argues about reimbursing your legal costs, or disputes the fact that you rely on. 

Our fee will be from £750.00 plus VAT, but please be aware that there are Court fees of £410.00 which you will need to pay.  

There may be an extra court fee or process server fee if the divorce is contested.

There are other matters to consider relating to finances or children which are dealt with separately.

We can help if you are responding to a divorce or civil partnership dissolution and don't agree that you should pay your husband/wife's/partner's legal costs, or don't agree with the reasons given by your husband/wife/partner for the breakdown of your marriage or partnership.