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International Cases

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Developments in technology, communication and travel have presented many opportunities in recent years.  Many now live and/or work overseas for periods of their life, and marriages that have an international element are increasingly commonplace.

England increasingly welcomes foreign nationals with few entry restrictions. Many marry abroad to move away from the traditional white religious ceremonies in England.

Sometimes the stresses and strains of living abroad or living with a partner from a foreign culture or the effect of long distances apart can cause a marriage to break down.  Often divorce proceedings can be commenced in more than one country.  It may seem at first sight for example a good idea to have a quick divorce overseas, but this may leave you vulnerable in terms of care of children, money and property in this country.

It is vital for you to get the right advice, and swiftly.  One party will more often than not determine which country a divorce, money and children are to be decided in simply by issuing proceedings.  It may be sensible to issue protective proceedings in England to seize the jurisdiction of a more favourable Court and it is important to act quickly.

Our team at divorce-rights.co.uk have a high level of expertise in dealing with cases that have an international element.

We offer specialist international divorce advice!