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Family Law Services

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Family Law Services - Simple Divorce/Civil Partnership Dissolution (Petitioner/Respondent)

Our fee £395 plus VAT
Court fees £410

Complex Divorce/Civil Partnership Dissolution

Our fee £750 plus VAT
Court fees £410

Expat Divorce Legal Service

Our fee £750.00 plus VAT
Court fees £410

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Financial issues

1. On divorce/CP breakdown

Clean break agreement
Our fee £500 plus VAT
Court fees £45

2. Separation agreement – married and cohabitation breakdown

Our fee £500 - £750 plus VAT

If help is needed in relation to finances – whether as part of a divorce/civil partnership breakdown or between cohabitees then we offer a free initial telephone appointment.  We can agree staged fixed fee payments or preferential hourly rates for the first 10 hours work or up to the first Court appointment at £150 plus VAT per hour.

3. Getting together

Cohabitation contract
Our fee £750 plus VAT and disbursements

4. Children

NEW – Parental responsibility agreement - £250 plus VAT and disbursements.

We can assist where it is agreed that the father or step parent will be granted parental responsibility and therefore no Court application is necessary.

Where parental responsibility is not agreed then an application can be made to Court. Our charges would be £150 per hour for preparing the application and up to and including the first appointment at Court.

For other family law children issues –we offer a free initial telephone appointment – we can thereafter agree staged fixed fee representation for any Court applications whether you are the applicant or respondent to any proceedings issued.

5.  Prenuptial agreement

From £750 plus VAT  or for assets of £1m plus (including pension provision)  a reduced hourly rate of £150 plus VAT and disbursements.