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Civil Partnership Dissolution - Same Sex Divorce

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Same sex partnership dissolution

If you want to dissolve your civil partnership or are just thinking of separating, you need expert legal advice.

The legal process of ending your civil partnership is often the most straightforward part. 

The facts, or grounds, are the same as for divorce, with the exception of adultery which you cannot rely on.

Resolving where your children are to live, who they are to spend time with and what rights you each have in respect of them are often very complex issues.

You may each have had children from previous relationships or marriages who live with you as a family, you may have had children together who are adopted, you may have children born by donor sperm/egg IVF and only one of you may be the parent depending upon how old your children are. 

You need expert Family Law legal advice.

Money issues can also be complex as although the same legal remedies are available to you financially when you dissolve your partnership, as if you were married,  your needs for re-housing and contributions are often very different to married couples.   

You may have two “families” to re-house and you may have lived together for a long time before you entered into your civil partnership. These are often very complex issues to resolve and you need expert legal advice.

Our approach

Here at Winston Solicitors we take a fresh and modern approach to all legal issues that we deal with. Separation, divorce and many other family related issues can be traumatic and life changing for those involved. It goes without saying that the law surrounding Civil Partnerships is very new and it is important that you get appropriate legal advice from a specialist family law solicitor.

At Divorce-Rights we have had experience of same sex divorce cases and can offer you the services that you need. We recognise that clients want a simple and affordable legal solution to their problems and our aim is to deliver exactly that.

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