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About separation and divorce

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Here we explain more about some of the issues you may face when separating

When facing separation or divorce the right legal advice is essential. Family law is complex and what is right for one family, may not be right for another.

Many people separate, and then start divorce proceedings.

Many people seek advice initially to get some idea of what they may face, separate physically and then divorce. What you decide about living arrangements for your children when you first separate is especially important as what you agree to initially sets a bit of a benchmark as to what is acceptable to you.

Similarly, if you scrape by for a few months on little income, and then decide that it is all a bit unfair financially, it may not be worthwhile in terms of legal costs trying to then ask for more income by way of maintenance in the short term.  If you are separating or divorcing and have children, you will find it helpful to visit our children pages.

If you are worried about money, or housing and are married, you will find it helpful to visit our finance pages.

If you are living together, and are separating, you will find it helpful to visit our cohabitation pages. You will find answers to some commonly asked questions in our Frequently Asked Questions page.

“Advice” from friends and family is well meaning, and you need their support, but the information they can give often relates to circumstances which are different to your own and can give you false expectations and mislead you, unintentionally.

It is important to get the right legal advice to help you sort out the best way forward for you and your family, in the most cost-effective way

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