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Divorcing whilst living abroad

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If you’re living abroad, maybe because you’ve travelled to get work, or to be closer to family, or for chance of a better work life balance and opportunities, sometimes things don’t work out as you imagined.

Family relationships can often become strained with such a fundamental change, and if you’re marriage breaks down, you can feel isolated and alone. 

Family breakdown can involve making arrangements about which country your children are going to live in, travel arrangements between countries for your children, properties both in England and Wales and overseas and it is important to obtain legal advice as to which is the most beneficial country for you to divorce and separate.  Often legal proceedings can be started in more than one country, and it can be crucial to avoid delay.

Many living abroad believe that they can’t divorce or determine disputes about property and children in England, and which legal jurisdiction you can ask for help to resolve issues depends upon complex legal concepts such as “habitual residence” and “domicile”.  These are not concepts which are easily understood and it’s important to get the right advice.  Even if you have divorced abroad, it may be that you can still ask the English Court for help in relation to property and assets if you think that things have been divided up unfairly.

We are experts in advising upon the international aspects of divorce, finance and disagreements relating to children.  With skype, email and telephone, you can ensure that you can keep in contact with us, whatever your time zone, so that you have regular access to the right legal advice when you need it.

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